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Canadian Immigration Supporting Documentation

Probably the most time consuming - on your part - aspects of the immigration process is going to be gathering up all of the documentation that you need to submit along with you permanent resident application. This documentation will be used to determine your actual Pass-Mark score. Remember, you now only need a score of 67, not 75, to pass. Below is a list of some documentation you may be asked to send: * Birth certificates for you and all members of your family who will be moving with you * Proof of your language abilities (there are various ways to prove this) * Proof of employment and work experience * Proof of education, such as college transcripts, for you and your partner * Proof of arranged employment in Canada (if applicable) * Proof of family relationships in Canada (if applicable) * Marriage certificate for you and your spouse (if he or she is moving with you) You need to make sure that the documentation you gather fits the requirements established by the Canada's department of immigration. Otherwise, your application will either be refused or delayed significantly. Completing the Application In addition to all of the documentation, you will also need to complete an application.

It's important to read through the instructions very carefully and complete each section of the application correctly. If you make a mistake, your application may be delayed or refused and may have to start the entire process all over again, including paying the required fees again. You must submit your application with all of the required documentation listed above, as well as some additional elements which we'll discuss below. Other Documentation Besides everything we've already discussed, there are a few other items you will need to submit as well: * Photographs of you and your entire family (all members accompanying you to Canada) * Proof of funds (if you don't have employment arranged) * Letter of introduction All of these elements must be submitted along with your application, but they must be prepared to meet the specific guidelines established by the immigration department. Your proof of funds and your letter of application directly influence the success of your application. Therefore, if what you submit does not meet their specifications, you stand a good chance of having your application rejected.

While you can start the process again, the fees involved are rather high and can not be refunded. .

By: Alex Berez

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