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Japanese Culture

About Wasabi
A site on wasabi (the spicy green stuff in sushi) from Pacific Farms.

Japanese Geisha Women and Maiko Girls
An informative article on the art of the Geisha in Kyoto by your About.com Japan for Visitors guide Shizuko Mishima .

Culture matters: Americans through Japanese eyes
Oh, she's such a nothing!" a friend exclaimed as we sat in a coffee shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan discussing Charlotte, the heroine of director and screenwriter Sofia Coppola's 2003

Masculinity and femininity in Japanese culture
This study examined masculinity and femininity in Japanese culture. Two hundred sixty-five college students (male = 104; female = 161) took the Japanese ...

Gender Role development in Japanese culture
This paper presents the development of the Japanese Gender Role Index (JGRI) and Japanese men's and women's self-ratings on the scale. Two hundred ninety-six ...

Japanese national culture as a basis for understanding Japanese business practices
Several aspects of Japanese culture, including social systems, values and language, affect business practices. The Japanese place more value on processes, ...

Why Are Americans Treated Differently in Japan?
Raw Deal! Why Are Americans Treated Differently by Japanese Immigration and the Media? "U.S. citizens planning to work in Japan should never enter Japan using a tourist visa or the visa waiver, even...

Japanese Cuisine
Tempura, sukiyaki, sashimi, sushi – even the words used to describe the most basic of Japanese dishes are exotic and beautiful. Japanese cuisine is easily one of the healthiest in the world, with its...

Why DO the Japanese Have The Longest Lifespan?
A recent statistic in the World Bank Group states that the Japanese have the longest lifespan in the world. Japanese men live be 78 years old on average while the average lifespan of a Japanese woman...

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