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Dublin A Quick Guide

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. It has a population in excess of 1.25 million people and is a rapidly growing city. Dublin is or has been home to many famous musicians, designers and play writes including U2, Enya, Ciaran Sweeney, James Joyce and Brendan Behan. It is also the home of the famous "black stuff" or Guinness, Trinity College, The Book of Kells and recently the European headquarters for many large multinationals including Google, Microsoft and EBay.

Known as a great place for a party, Dublin has become the 4th most popular short break destination in Europe after Rome, Paris and London in recent times. With the advent of cheaper flights to the capital-primarily inspired by Ryanair, Dublin is now a viable destination for people from all over the world looking to experience that little bit of a difference. This may be down to the friendly locals, the lively "craic" that can be sampled in the cities many bars, the plethora of things to do or even the lure of a bit of culture.Visitors to Dublin can now choose some of the finest hotels in Europe form which to base themselves. Self catering apartments have also grown in popularity as a viable alternative especially with business travellers to the city.

For the more economically minded Dublin has a huge array of Bed and Breakfast and hostel accommodation which will allow budgets to go a little further.The main area of Dublin for those seeking entertainment is most definitely The Temple Bar. Located tight in the city centre this area has a multitude of pubs, restaurants, galleries and more to explore.

Many of the bars have live music during the day. This may be traditional music giving visitors a flavour of Riverdance, the phenomenon that was born in Dublin that has swept the world ever since. For visitors interested in shopping be sure to visit Grafton Street the capitals main shopping precinct. Henry Street also is a very popular shopping area with many designer shops and centres having opened in the past number of years.

No visit to Dublin is complete without sampling a real Guinness! Visitors should check out The Guinness Storehouse located only a five minute walk from the city centre. Here you can take the Guinness tour, see how the famous brew is made and even stop for a tipple yourself! The Book of Kells housed at Trinity College is also well worth seeing as are the many museums and galleries that are doted around Dublin.For visitors looking to check out the best selection of accommodation in Dublin to include hotels, apartments, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and even pubs with accommodation we recommend that you visit the links below for more details. This facility will allow you to instantly book hundreds of properties in Dublin in only a few minutes. Happy travelling!.

.Dara Ward is the Managing Director of Irish Accommodation and operates over 20 Irish Travel and Tourism websites including 3 Dublin Hotels sites. Dara operates from Ireland's oldest 2 storey thatched cottage in County Wexford, South East Ireland. He is widely recognised as an expert in the promotion of tourism to and within Ireland and has an in-depth knowledge of the travel industry in Dublin and Ireland.

By: Dara Ward

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