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Hotels and Feng Shui Stay Where the Luck is

Many people travel during the holidays, as well as during vacations. Likewise, business deals are often made as a result of travel. When selecting a hotel, you can learn a lot--and improve your luck--from the Feng Shui of the building.For example, is the hotel's main door at the center, left side, or right side of the building? If the door is at the left side, you'll probably get good advice about things to do and places to see in the area. If the door is in the center, it's ideal for business travel.

However, if you're on vacation, the best location for a hotel's door is on the far right side. In Black Hat Feng Shui, the far right side supports travel and indicates helpful people.If the hotel has a concierge, he or she should be facing the front door. If the concierge has his or her back to the front door, or--worse--is positioned behind a column, don't be surprised if you received a chilly reception and limited help.

Then again, that may not be very important to you.For the best experience, choose a hotel where the guest rooms open onto a corridor rather than directly to the outside. In Feng Shui terms, if you walk outdoors to your hotel room, the hotel management may not have a sense of connection to its registered guests.

In other words, once you've registered and arranged payment for the room, you may feel as if you're on your own.Hotel guest rooms can also indicate good or bad Feng Shui. The bed that you are going to sleep and should not be in direct line with the door; they rarely are. Likewise, if the bathroom is at the far left or far right corner of your room, ask for different floor plan. Any other placement of the bed and bath is fine.Check the view from your window.

If you're only sleeping there overnight, any view is fine as long as it is not a slum. However, if the view is important, if you'll conduct meetings in your room or suite, or if all you see is poverty, request a different room with a better view.Many business travelers are phobic about staying in a room above the third floor. Therefore, those rooms are often empty and also provide some of the best views. In addition, if you stay on the top floor, you won't have of the sound of footsteps overhead.

Finally, in Feng Shui terms, higher rooms are generally better; there is less (literal) weight on top of you.Consider the impression that you received upon entering the hotel as well as your guest room. Look for these Feng Shui signals: Lighting should be adequate, neither glaringly bright nor too dim. If a strong aroma indicates a heavy reliance on air fresheners, look for other signs of problems with housekeeping.

From the moment you enter the hotel, you should feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed.Keep in mind that most hotel chains use the same floor plans repeatedly. Therefore, you can visit hotels near your home before you travel.

Whether your local hotels are Hiltons, Holiday Inns, Marriotts, or some other line, you can get a good idea of their typical Feng Shui, and what to expect at related hotels when you travel.Once you have chosen a hotel chain that meets your standards and offers consistently good Feng Shui, make that your first choice when you travel. This will reduce stress by making travel planning simpler, and improve your travel experiences.(c)2005, Aisling D'Art, Houston, TX.


Aisling D'Art is an artist and a Feng Shui consultant. ("Feng Shui" is pronounced like "fung shway." It is the Chinese art of design and placement.

) She is the Feng Shui columnist for BellaOnline.com, and offers free Feng Shui advice at "Shui To Go!" - www.ShuiToGo.com.

By: Aisling D'Art

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