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San Francisco Quick Guide

San Francisco is the USA spirit as much as it is the opposite = people who love the USA as a tourist destination will love San Francisco, people who dislike the USA as a tourist destination will, yes you guessed right, love San Francisco just the same and this is because San Francisco is surely a unique place because it has it all, in terms of culture, fun, highrise buildings and small traditional houses, squares and avenues, hills and sea, yuppies and hippies, modern and old etc.In two words San Francisco IS one big meltin' pot of everything you would want from an international city and looks as much american as it does look european, but it does as well look very chinese, or thai, or well. much more. The nice feel of San Francisco is the kind of feel of a place where everyone is welcome and things works just fine in any condition and in any manner: chic and stylish as well as alternative and anticonventional and you can experience it all in one go, what a deal!.

From Beat Generation, Critical Mass, Gay Pride and North Beach to 'super-technology-chic', fashion, design as well as tradition. The city itself in its structure resemble this 'mixed' attitude and it is a mosaic of different tastes composed of Chinatown, Mission, Castro, SoMa, Haight-Ashbury, North Beach and much more to explore. With its 751.

000 inhabitants is smaller than you might think, but surely looks bigger and has nothing less than New York City in terms of entertainment, things to see and do, latest trends, etc. It is in many ways the very soul of Californian style and its 'plot'. It is somehow like reading a huge book from the index and we think you could easily think of it as a start and an end as well of the 'big book of California'. Downtown streets rise on impossible gradients to reveal stunning views of the city, the bay and beyond and a taxi run is an experience itself.San Francisco has for sure something magic and that is pretty clear as soon as you see the fog envelope the city in magical mist and the clouds embracing the Golden Gate.

not to forget the incredible sea and all that it has to offer to visitors and locals and you should not miss a visit to Fisherman's Wharf and the Marina. San Francisco is not generally considered to be cheap but yes you can find loads of offers in terms of hotels (including luxury discounted ones) and restaurants. It is suggested to book in advance since you can find real good hotel deals in hip hotels if you do so. Apart of lodging, in terms of well. food, there many many options that won't kill your credit card and if you want to eat cheap we suggest you try some thai restaurants and of course chinese restaurants.

Compared to many other US cities that require quite a big load of cash to enjoy, San Francisco often offer free live music and events and for $30 you can get a good night out (and remember to bring your id with you, because yes you'll get 'carded in many nightclubs, etc.).If you're up for a show check out the free weekly Bay Guardian, as well as the Sunday Chronicle 'Pink Pages' supplement.

Of course if you're up for a major event and/or you wish to experience something out of the ordinary we suggest you -again- book in advance. Bars: you mention it you have it, lots of bars, from trendy, to alternative, from family friendly to wild. In terms of classical music and opera San Francisco has not got an incredible reputation but local symphony, opera and ballet companies are as far as we experienced really good.For a good comedy night go for: Bay Area Theatresports Bayfront Theatre, Bldg B, Third floor, Fort Mason Center (Marina Blvd at Buchanan St) tel 415/474-6776. An acting-based improv group that can be hilariously spontaneous. The majority of theater in downtown San Francisco are reasonably inexpensive and worth attending.

We do think that San Francisco it is one great city and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

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By: George Giurickovic

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