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US Passport Office

The level of responsibility that lies upon the shoulders of the US passport office is immense. Passports have two very important functions--facilitating and controlling international movement. The US passport office has the significant task of certifying our nationality and identity.

Furthermore, it provides information to the applicants regarding where to apply for or renew a US passport.Acceptance agents are bodies accredited by the US government and working at the US passport office. They witness the process of applying for and signing a new passport. If a person is applying for the first time, he needs to take an oath before the acceptance agents, stating that the form has been completed truthfully.

The US passport office acceptance agents will then seal the application form, along with other important documents, so that they are not tampered with.There are 8.8 million applicants for a US passport each year. And with this number growing every year, it is necessary to make this service as ubiquitous as possible. For the same reason, there are around 7,000 U.

S. passport offices spread over the entire country. They can be found in public libraries, clerks of courts, post offices and municipal offices.

Sometimes citizens need to travel urgently and find themselves in a fix when they do not have a passport. But in such cases of emergency travel (within 2 weeks), an appointment can be made at one of the 13 regional passport agencies in the USA-- a service introduced by the government keeping in mind the best interest of its citizens.


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By: Jennifer Bailey

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